Smart Solutions

Giving enterprises improved decision-making capability
Designed for efficient, cost-effective creation, consolidation and presentation of data, Creative EC Smart Solutions give enterprises improved decision-making capability. By using previously unavailable data and analytics, they enable clients to achieve industry-wide digital transformation at scale.
Highly trained, specialist Creative EC IOT consultants and architects are available to guide clients in shaping those critical first steps. We offer design consultation and solution support to help clients and partners work through the challenges of converging information and operational technology.

Our SMART Solutions framework gives you the skills and support to successful innovate and deploy compelling problem-solving solutions.

Water and Utilities

Reduce leaks, burst pipes and property damage. Saving money for consumers, insurers and utility companies, while conserving natural resources.

SMART Solutions

  • SMART Stop Valve and Water Meter
  • Connected Boiler
  • Healthy Water
  • SMART Waste Management
  • Drone Device, Software and Programme Management


This innovative solution empowers water companies and consumers to truly understand water usage, embed behavioural change, and ultimately improve the resilience of our water supply. Find out more

Real Estate

Gain unique insights into traffic flows and occupant behaviour. Improving energy optimisation, safety and security, and space planning and utilization.


SMART Solutions

  • SMART Parking
  • Hotel and Commercial Property Energy Management
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Energy Demand Response


Engage and interact powerfully with shoppers. Growing loyalty and revenue with joined-up omnichannel journeys, interactive digital displays and personalised marketing – delivered through continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology.


SMART Solutions

  • SMART Mirror (Augmented Reality)
  • Intelligent Product Recommendation
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • SMART Shelf Inventory Tracking
  • Mobile Engagement for Retail
  • Remote Refrigeration Monitoring


Simplify site management and better protect workers, machinery and equipment. Delighting more clients with projects delivered on time and within budget.


SMART Solutions

  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Health and Safety Monitoring and Wearables
  • Scaffold and On-Site Fittings Tracking and Management


Connect the plant floor with the business, eliminating production downtime and improving visibility into operations. Solutions include Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for factory and heavy plant machinery, along with retro fitting of sensors and devices into production processes, asset tracking, remote monitoring, logistics and fleet management.


SMART Solutions

  • Machine Cycle Time Analytics
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke sensors
  • Packaging Production Line Optimization
Cold Chain Solutions connect multiple control types, machines and assets. So, they communicate and work together to provide a complete view of the plant. Virtually eliminating loss of product through cooler failure in distribution centres, retail outlets and restaurants, for example. Critical real time machine data, viewed through intuitive web apps, boosts reaction time and progressive change. Reports detailing targets, workflows and permissions are configured to ensure our client improve their business models and performance.

Transport and Logistics

Optimise transport and supply chain processes. Cutting costs and raising productivity and passenger experience using people, vehicle, asset and environmental data.


SMART Solutions

Farming and Agriculture

Improve land, animal and crop management. Using drones, sensors and visual analysis to create early warning systems, accurately predict yields and increase profits.
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SMART Solutions

  • Plant Counting
  • Plant Health Monitoring
  • Field Management
Farming is one of the first industries to be totally transformed by new IOT data creation.
This new wave of Precision Agriculture is being driven by tiny sensors (standard or bespoke) placed in the field that monitor the impact of water, fertilisers and pesticides, as well as ever-changing weather conditions. Creative EC help clients navigate these complex technical challenges and gain significant improvements in yield, farm efficiencies and productivity.